Our Tools:
We offer a wide variety of animated and static banners available to use in the following dimensions: 100x300, 100x400, 120x120, 120x240, 120x600, 140x100, 160x600, 180x150, 300x200, 300x250, 320x240, 468x80, 728x90. Of course webmasters sending us traffic can contact us for any custom-made creatives they may need!
Larger format ads work better. More real estate generates more clicks and more revenue. It's a simple equation that our Half and Full Page Ads prove. Additionally they are great for entrance and exit consoles or interstitial ads!
Our free hosted galleries feature enough content to get the surfers interested but not enough to hurt conversions. To ensure variety we provide multiple templates for our pic and vid galleries and we update both weekly. Webmasters can also download just the templates and make their own customized FHGs quickly and easily by plugging in content!
Auto-morphing RSS feeds are powerful yet simple way to enhance your blogs with frequently updated content without endangering your search engine rankings. Webmasters' specific link URLS are automatically embedded into the content feed and every site on our network features a feed updated regularly by our in-house writers. Top-notch writing and hot content help webmasters get and keep more surfers while also generating more joins and revenue!
These ads resemble popular instant messenger clients and generate amazing click-thru ratios. IM Ads are a simple and unobtrusive tool to generate traffic without turning your site into a banner farm. Again, we update these regularly with fresh content to ensure the best possible performance.
Putting up too many ad zones will drive away your surfers but our Peel Ads solve that problem! The top-right corner of your site appears to peel back just a bit hinting at the ad below. When the visitor mouses over the "flap" the larger ad underneath is exposed. Peel Ads generate great conversions because the surfers are actively choosing to view these ads.
Our FLV Movie Ads smoothly climb out of the lower right-hand corner of the browser and display a short vid clip (without audio) content specific to the site you are promoting. We automatically rotate in a different clip every time the ad is called and we regularly update the ads with fresh new videos. Webmasters don't have to do a thing to get these updates. It's all automatic!
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